Monday, February 24, 2014

The Ultimate Glitch Bundle - After Effects Project (VideoHive)

All you need for create awesome glitch effects !

Please find here an awesome bundle. Do you want to create quickly some realistics glitch fx, this is for you ! With it, you’ll be able to make some effects like : glitchs, bad signal, frame distortion, noise, pixels issues, datamoshing…

This bundle contains :
1 Pseudo plugin (custom controller for create your own glitch fx)
10 Transitions (1 sec lenght)
10 Transitions (2 sec lenght)
10 FX Loops (10 sec lenght)
10 Text presets (with the .ffx files)
3 Test patterns (fully customizable)
2 projects file included :
The bundle project (with all stuffs)
The pseudo plugin project only (to use only the custom preset)
I have also included the pre-render of the loops and transitions (QT Png with Alpha channel), but with it, you’ll only see shapes and pixels (pre-renders not including the background distortion).
The text presets contain for each, one in animation and one out (20 .ffx files).
The pseudo plugin will help you create in a few minutes some awesome glitch effects. take a look at the screenshots below (Just for information, the item preview teaser was entirely made with this pseudo plugin, it’s a powerfull custom preset).

The sound track was made by MartijndeBont,it’s not included in the bundle "Intense Trailer"

Created 8 May 13
After Effects Version CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6
File Size 453mb
Requires Plugins No
Resolution 1920x1080

Download it here! Also,leave a comment, rate and share my blog. Thank you!

Download Here