Friday, March 7, 2014

Cycore FX Sphere Utilities-64 1.2 (Windows)

Sphere Utilities is a package containing four plug-ins. These plug-ins are essentially tools to be used to create, edit and animate spherical maps. A common example of a spherical map is a rectangular earth map used in computer graphics to texture a sphere to produce a terrestrial globe. Need to animate a line going from Seattle to Uppsala or animate an airplane flying from Melbourne to LA crossing the date line? Sphere Utilities is the answer. Crossing the date line is a task that currently involves a lot of manual work, duplication of the layer and hand-matching the motion. These animations can then be used directly in After Effects with CC Sphere, or any other plug-in that supports spherical mapping, or in your favorite 3D application. Spherical maps are also used as environment maps and for panoramic viewers, which are other sources where this kind of capability is important. Sphere Utilities supports 32 bpc color (float) and are 64-bit native for After Effects CS5.x.

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