Friday, March 7, 2014

CycoreFX HD included with Adobe After Effects CC (windows/Mac)

(Bundled with AE CC and CS6 only)
CycoreFX HD is the professional version of CycoreFX that allows work at higher bit depths. The HD package features an impressive total of 73 plug-ins.

• 16 bpc support in all effects.
• 12 additional plug-ins.
• 32 bpc support (float) in 35 effects (more coming).
• Added functionality, eg. motionblur, support for AE lights, more controls and options.

complete list of all plug-ins.

Blur & Sharpen Menu
CC Cross Blur
CC Radial Blur
CC Radial Fast Blur
CC Vector Blur
Channel Menu
CC Composite
Color Correction Menu
CC Color Neutralizer
CC Color Offset
CC Kernel
CC Toner
Distort Menu
CC Bend It
CC Bender
CC Blobbylize
CC Flo Motion
CC Griddler
CC Lens
CC Page Turn
CC Power Pin
CC Ripple Pulse
CC Slant
CC Smear
CC Split
CC Split 2
CC Tiler
Generate Menu
CC Glue Gun
CC Light Burst 2.5
CC Light Rays
CC Light Sweep
CC Threads
Keying Menu
CC Simple Wire Removal
Perspective Menu
CC Cylinder
CC Environment
CC Sphere
CC Spotlight
Simulation Menu
CC Ball Action
CC Bubbles
CC Drizzle
CC Hair
CC Mr. Mercury
CC Particle Systems II
CC Particle World
CC Pixel Polly
CC Rain
CC Rainfall
CC Scatterize
CC Snow
CC Snowfall
CC Star Burst
Stylize Menu
CC Block Load
CC Burn Film
CC Glass
CC Kaleida
CC Mr. Smoothie
CC Plastic
CC Repetile
CC Threshold
CC Threshold RGB
Time Menu
CC Force Motion Blur
CC Time Blend
CC Time Blend FX
CC Wide Time
Transition Menu
CC Glass Wipe
CC Grid Wipe
CC Image Wipe
CC Jaws
CC Light Wipe
CC Line Sweep
CC Radial Scale Wipe
CC Scale Wipe
CC Twister
CC Warpomatic
Utility Menu
CC Overbrights

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