Sunday, June 1, 2014

GenArts Sapphire v7.06 (Windows) for After Effects and OFX

Sapphire increases your productivity, quality output, and ability to compete. Platform-agnostic so you can leverage your work across video editing and other compositing software or artists without compromising consistency or quality of the look, Sapphire saves you valuable time and money. Discover the superior image quality, control, render speed, and impact on viewer engagement compared to other plug-ins or many effects included with After Effects.

New in 7.06:
•Flare Designer: fix a bug that could prevent Save As from working when project referred to a missing file.
•Expiration warnings for temporary licenses are shown less often now.
•Fixed a crash in FilmEffect with 3:2 pulldown.
•Fixed a bug where some presets didn't load correctly on Quantel.

New in 7.05:
Fixed a bug that caused Sapphire to crash on large source clips.
Fixed a crash when AE's Warp Stabilizer and some Sapphire effects were combined.
Flare Designer: fixed bugs that caused strange behavior when right-clicking on number controls.
FilmEffect: fixed a bug that caused crashes or incorrect output when using 3:2 pulldown options.
Flare Designer: fixed a bug where undoing an "Insert Lens..." could undo multiple actions.

New in 7.04:

Fixed a bug where Caustics would fail to render if Bumps input was connected by Source was missing.
RackDfComp: fixed a bug that could cause incorrect results with a non-premultiplied Middle input.
BlurDirectional: fixed a bug that could result in tearing when rendering tiles.
Increased rendering speed of most plug-ins in Nuke.
LensFlare: fixed a bug where Show Center Zone didn’t match the shape of the trigger zone.
Effects which pass through the alpha channel now render faster on the GPU.

Sapphire for OFX-compatible Products : for Nuke, Fusion, Sony Vegas, or SCRATCH

Adobe After Effects CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC

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GenArts Sapphire v7.04

GenArts Sapphire v7.06

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