Friday, August 22, 2014

Slideshow Pro Ultimate - After Effects Project (VideoHive)

Hello folks! :)
I present my new template “Slideshow Pro Ultimate”, this project is almost a slideshow component, you can create thousands of combinations to achieve his own style.
This is a modular project, you can use any number of placeholders up to 30.
This is a 100% After effects, You can edit all!
I hope you like and find it useful.


After Effects CS4 or above
Full HD resolution (1920×1080) you can change to any format
No Third Party Plugins
This is a modular project
4 Presets projects: 5 / 10 / 20 / 30 placeholders
Also you can use any number of placeholders up to 30
You can use images, videos, logos, designs, websites, etc…
You can edit many things with 26 controllers
Video tutorial included (10.47 min.)
Amazingly Customizable!

19 Features on the MAIN CONTROLS:

BG COLOR – Color of the background
FRAME COLOR – Color of the slides
ROUNDNESS – Roundness of the corners
LITTLE TAB – Add a little tab on the corner
FILM STRIPS – Add film strips on the slides
BARS – Add colored bars
BARS COLORS – Change the color of the bars
RIBBON – Add a ribbon
RIBBON COLOR – Change the color of the ribbon
SHADOW – Intensity of the shadow
BEND SHADOW – The bending of the shadow
REFLECTION – Intensity of the reflection
REFLECTION HEIGHT – Choose the height of the reflection
DEPTH FIELD – Depth of field value
ORIGINAL TEXT COLOR – Choose between the original or uniform color of the text
UNIFORM TEXT COLOR – Choose the uniform text color
HAND – Add a hand to make the slideshow
VIGNETTE – Darkness of the border
BG IMAGE – Intensity of the current image in the background
7 Features on the IMAGE RETOUCH controls:

B&W GRANY – Black and white grany style
B&W TINT – The color tint of the B&W style
SOFT LOVE – A soft and dreamy style
GLAMOUR – A intense and bright style
VINTAGE – A classic vintage style
RETRO – An old and nostalgic style
STYLE INTENSITY – The intensity of the styles

Created 1 August 12
After Effects Version CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6
File Size 59.5mb
Requires Plugins No

Download it here! Also,leave a comment, rate and share my templates. Thank you!

Download Here