Tuesday, September 23, 2014

GENARTS Monsters GT 7.03 for AE CS6 (Windows)

Monsters GT visual effects plugin for Adobe After Effects

Intuitive, extremely fast, and remarkable one-of-kind visual effects plug-ins for motion graphics and video compositing software – GenArts Monsters GT is a must-have for our visual effects artists and video editors who use Adobe After Effects.

Monsters GT provides you with over 55 one-of-a-kind visual effects plug-ins, including physics-based particles, fluids, fire, smoke, and other natural phenomena; time-based feedback effects; and a selection of artistic effects. Designed to complement GenArts Sapphire’s industry-standard tools, Monsters GT features GPU acceleration, precise control of effect behavior, and the highest image quality available to maximize productivity and creativity.

What's new?

* 5 New Effects - Create eye-catching visuals with new effects like Sky, StarField, and Water or design realistic flickering light effects with Candle
* 7 Enhanced Effects - Achieve more realistic effects with improved sprite quality, sub-pixel positioning, and motion-blurred Bubbles, Particles, Rain, Snow, Smoke, and more
* Improved Initial Results - Get the look you need faster with improved default effect values
* Enhanced Handling - Enjoy a more efficient way to work with alpha channels and composites
* Reorganized Effect Categories - Effects in Monsters GT have been organized into functional themes.


* Over 55 unique effects, most of which do not have equivalents in After Effects
* Flexible buying options, including a theme pack and 11 mini-packs
* GPU-accelerated for Nvidia CUDA cards
* 32-bit float support
* Intuitive user interface
* On-screen UI widgets for many effects
* Offline html and .pdf documentation included
* Free unlimited render licenses
* Resolution-independent
* Numerous practical natural phenomena effects such as Fire, Smoke, Raindrops, HeatHaze, Sky, and NightSky
* Utilize physics-based fluid dynamic tools with ImageFlow and ClipFlow
* Treat your footage with subtle tools to adjust image quality with Darken, Lighten, and Clean
* Disintegrate your source image into a particle-based result using PixFly


* Unique creativity
* Time-saving render speeds
* Highest quality photoreal results
* Quickly and easily iterate effect looks
* Visual control of look creation
* Quick reference for all effect parameters

OS : Windows XP, Vista, or 7

Host products : After Effects CS6

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